Sunday, 27 May 2012

Made Me May - Day 26

Wow, almost finished the month already. 

The one thing that drives me mad is text language.  I love the written word and have a huge respect for the English language.  So, when I get a text or a message on facebook that looks like a random selection of letters and numbers, it truly breaks my heart.  And it's not that I don't understand them or even use a few of them myself when necessary.  I like everyone else love a good LOL. I don't know, maybe it's a sign of getting older, complaining about what the younger generation are doing, I will just never be able to accept it.  All the young ones out there will just have to accept that I respect correct spelling much like I got used to my gran's insistance in using cursive writing (or joined up writing). She used to make me practice for hours, and along with ironing her hankies and polishing her spoons, is something I will never have fond memories of and was quite happy to drop from my daily life.  Not that I want everyone to get the silver polish out again, but maybe somethings shouldn't be kept.

Here is a granny style nightgown I got in a bag of throw aways.  It's hard to tell but it is a lovely pale purple colour.  The only reason I could see for it being thrown out was the ripped lace across the front.

Before - Nightgown
I used the pants pattern to cut these little girls size 2 Pajama's with a simple gathered top, I recycled the binding for the top.
After - Little girls Pj's

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