Monday, 28 May 2012

Made By Me May - Day 28

Moving Day - Well moving back into the bedroom anyway.

Our Bed - New duvet and my great aunts green velvet bedspread, which I think is approx 70 years old.

My new reading corner.  I bought two of the footstools for $10 on TradeMe with the view to recover, but I actually like the colour.  Maybe because it's green.

My Bedside - The birdcage stand was in the garage when we moved it, not sure where I'm going with that yet

My Duchess -  That lamp needs some serious help,  but in the meantime I love how the frames on the wall turned out, may add some material to the inside of the white frames.

Corner Cupboard -  Where we keep all of our linen and my shoes.  I have my jewellery stands up here and three of my jewellery boxs (I have alot of jewellery) the other is on my duchess

Mantle -  I love the red on the fireplace tiles and had to add some red around the room to match.  I think the splashes of red really make the room, I need to add a few more.

Bench painted red below the freshly painted windows and new curtains.  I'm on the lookout for some more material, possibly in red to lengthen the curtains.  I still have a bit of dressing to do,  will be playing around with things for the next few weeks until I'm happy with the placement of things.

And this is Theodore Edward Bear or Ted. E Bear, he was a gift from a very close friend of mine when I was 21 and always has pride of place on the bed.  I've even taken him on travels with me, he's been all over New Zealand and once to Sydney, Australia for a bit of sun. 


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