Thursday, 24 May 2012

Made by Me May - Day 23

You may have noticed in the hallway earthquake pics all the books, well that photo was taken 15 months ago, here is the Hallway now.

That's right I'm a reader.  I'll read almost anything and find it impossible to walk pass a book display without having a look.  I once read 31 books in one month, it must of been a really slow month, I generally get through about 4-10 a month.  All the books here are secondhand and mainly unread and these aren't all of them.

More books

Books I haven't even unpacked yet

I generally only keep a book until I have read it, then it makes it's way onto it's new owner either via the charity shop or bookcrossing, I've even given books to random people I've seen reading on the bus.  I try to always have a book on me, you never know when you'll get a few minutes or a hour if you're waiting for a doctors appointment. 

One of my favourite authors is Catherine Cookson, and I still have a few of hers that I have read before, one of the only authors I have kept, others being Jodi Picoult, John Grisham and Robert Goddard.  I made a special bookcase to display my Cookson collection, a set of 5 kitchen drawers I got for $1 on Trademe.  The woman selling them wasn't sure that anyone would want them and was fascinated when I told her what I had planned, I send her an email with photos when it was first done.

That photo was lost, and this one is from after the quakes.  The top draw fell off and the bottom is a bit off kilter.

Close Up - Bottom Two Draws

Close Up - Top Two Draws

I lined the draws with pages from an old book that was falling apart (I couldn't of sacrificed it otherwise, plus I read it first) but other than that the draws didn't need much added to them.  I couldn't let the 5th draw go to waste, so now its a cat bed for next to where I sit at the computer, although they don't seem to appreciate the effort.


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