Thursday, 31 May 2012

Made By Me May - Day 31

It's the last day of Made by Me May,  I'm quite impressed I managed to last, with a few small hiccups, but still I made it.  I have shown you almost everything I have photographed of my mades but barely tackled me. Luckily it doesn't have to end here,  I look forward to many more posts and themed months.  I thought I would finish the month with a photo of me, thus far I haven't felt brave enough,  I don't particularly like having my photo taken and putting it up for the world to see is a bit scary, but if I want you to know who I am, you need a picture to put with the words.

This Is Me
I'm wearing an old hat of my Gran's that hangs on the lounge wall of our house next to the Mr's Granfather's old hat.

Check out this cute ladies top,  I liked the material and thought a small change would turn it into a little girls dress.

 The straps were shortened and I cut off some of the length, then I made a cute ruffle for along the bottom and all done.  Quick and easy.

Now check this out, quite possibly the ugliest, most astounding thing I have found, but the material interested me, and it was free, my favourite price. Keep an eye out for the transformation coming soon.


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