Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Made by Me May - Day 21

I think the whole city was in shock after the September quake but we picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off and moved on in the best way we could.
In December we moved into the house we are in now and out of my Mum's.  For us it was a pretty uneventful few months then in early Feb my Gandfather passed away as well as a close friend.  We were in Hamilton for our friends funeral when the February 22nd came around.  I was on the plane on my way home, the Mr was staying on in Hamilton to visit with his brother, and 10 minutes from landing we were told that the plane was turning around and going back to Auckland, Christchurch had had another Earthquake and the airport was shut.  That's all I knew until we landed.  So armed with my meal voucher and no where to go, I sat outside the airport and rang everyone I could think of.  My Mum was ok, My Dad was ok (he was still in ChCh after my grandad's funeral) my friends were ok, but I couldn't reach my brother.  All around me people were talking "the Cathedal has collapsed" "there are dead people in the streets" "no flights for the rest of the day" I wished I had been there, I could do nothing to help from here, I was trapped in Auckland.  I went inside the airport to the bar and joined the crowds around the TV as they showed the latest footage.  I've never seen a bar so quiet before, apart from crying.  I had tears streamimg down my face when my phone rang, it was my brother, he was safe and well and he had sent his wife and kids to her family in Oamaru.  I've never felt so relieved.
I spent the next three days, until I could get another flight, in Hamilton glued to the TV and feeling more useless than I have in my entire life.  There were people without homes staying in tents just down the road from where we live, an empty 3 bedroom house going to waste.  I finally got home midnight friday, I'll share more tomorrow.

You can read more about the February Quake here or watch this youtube video.  At approx 4.00 you can see what used to be the Iconic Bar (Our Favourite Bar) the woman screaming for her brother was inside the Iconic with her brother.  They had to drag her out as she didn't want to leave him.  He didn't survive. This video only covers one block of the inner city

It feels kinda inappropriate to add a refashion to this post, but as that is what Made by Me May is about I'll just add these pics

Cute shoes that I added some fabric flowers to.

Shoes - Close Up on Flowers


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