Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Made by Me May - Day 30

I just noticed all my posts were scheduled to be posted next month, so I have changed that now and hopefully gotten it right this time.

I'm not the most computer savvy person in the world,  I took typing all the way through high school but in the last year computer studies became compulsory.  I lost six months work and even the teacher couldn't figure what I had done.  I didn't touch a Computer again for years until a flatmate bought one and he showed me how much easier they had gotten.  Initially I got quite addicted to chatting and had friends all over the world.  When I say 'quite addicted' I mean full on kick me off the computer and I will stab you crazy.  I had to go cold turkey and didn't touch a computer for a few years.  I'm definitely not addicted now, I'm not going to start cyber stalking you or anything.  But I may ask you to be my friend on Frontierville.

Now, the Mr. has insisted that I add this, as it is his favourite of my sewing projects.

It's not really a refashion or recycle as it is made from felt, but I did buy that felt at a second hand shop. It was made with a lot of love for the Mr's little brother for Christmas (It's his favourite saying).  The Mr and I designed it together and I made it.  It sat on our television for quite awhile before it made it to it's new owner, and it was proudly show to all that came to the house.  By the Mr. not me, you'd think he had sewn it himself.


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