Monday, 7 May 2012

Made by Me May - Day 5

I've been having some teething problems with downloading photos, so I didn't post the previous three posts until it was fixed. I seem to have gotten the hang of things now and hopefully will have no more problems. fingers crossed.

Who is Annie? and why am I living in her room?
Annies room was a room in my grandparents house. It was where they kept all the things they didn't use anymore but because of my Gran's reluctance to get rid of anything was relegated to. Kind of like an attic I imagine. As kids, my brother and I loved going through this room, we just never knew what we would find.  A box of old clothes, buttons, a typewriter from the 30's or a pile of old magazines could entertain us for hours. To my knowledge there was no Annie let alone the need for her to have a room, so I'm not sure where it came from, but to me it always signified imagination and unlimited possibilities. Some could say I have just inherited the hoarder gene but to me I think I have an advantage others don't, I can see the beauty and usefulness in items others would dismiss and  I consider myself to be pretty lucky.  I have since inherited many items from not only my Grandparents house but also my Great Aunt and love them all. 

I'll take a break for today from the refashions and show you some inherited items in use.

 A close up of my Grans Agee Jars which now house my button collection, a collection that started with my Gran's buttons of course

This wooden box was in my grandfathers garden shed and it holds some of my cotton collection some of which came from my Gran and Aunty's sewing box's

And this is where they sit.  The Shelves are made from a coffee table cut lengthways.  I hope to get alot more organised and tidied up some time soon.



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