Thursday, 17 May 2012

Made by Me May - Day 15

Halfway! Yah!

Throughout the years I have had a few jobs.  I was nanny for a year, I worked in retail sales, I studied to be a hairdresser, I even worked in telemarketing ( I never sold anything, I only worked there for 2 weeks until they went out of business, Not my fault I'm sure :) )  But I always came back to childcare, It is a joy for me to spend time with kids, they are so refreshingly unspoiled by the world at large.  I have cared for all ages but my favourite is preschool.  I have worked from home doing Home Based Care, looking after up to 4 children in your own home as a trained carer and educator,  I hope to go back to it again in the near future.  So with that in mind I started decorating our spare room as a potential playroom/nursery.

The wardrobe doors were painted a faded and marked cream and one frame of the door had been replaced and not painted.

I painted the whole thing white and wanted to add some interest so dove into the pile of children's book I have and came up with some pictures I liked, but to have it make more sense I added phrases from the book and now each panel has it's own story.


Here's a close up of the doors, The left one has Goldilocks and the right Jack and the beanstalk.  I'm really happy with how they turned out, and still have heaps of stories left for future projects.


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