Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Made by Me May - Day 2

Yesterday I saw off my Mr. for two weeks.  It's the first time we have been apart for more than a few days in the eight years we have been together.  So, I'm all on my own with grand plans to do up our bedroom while he is gone and what did I do when I got back from seeing him off at the airport?  That's right I stood in the middle of the lounge and felt lost, it's incredible what one person's presence can mean.  Anyway, my about Me today is going to be about Us.  We met in a nightclub eight years and two weeks ago, an very unexpected end to the evening and when we saw each other again a couple of weeks later we became inseparable.  He proposed four years ago in front of all my friends at a casual get together, he couldn't have surprised me more, due to circumstances we are still not married but have finally set the date for the end of this year.  We both love animals and currently have three cats, they are our babies but more about them tomorrow.

 This is a T-shirt rescued from the throw out pile. As you can see it was rejected because of the stain on the front.

I cut off under the arms and used a patch of material from the back of the piece I removed and sewed a large pocket on the front. Added some elastic and a ribbon drawstring waist, now we have a really cute wee skirt.



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