Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Made by Me May - Day 9

I made a mention yesterday of the Mr patiently awaiting my treasure hunting in the car.  There are two reasons for that, the first being he doesn't get the same excitment over what he calls junk ( he always likes the finished product though) the second is that I don't drive, and never have.  We didn't have a car growing up and just caught the bus or walked everywhere. When Mum finally got a car when I was 17, I just continued as I had been going. It's not that I never intended to drive, and in fact have been behind the wheel briefly twice, It just never seemed that necessary. So, now I'm 37 and I still don't drive. Maybe one day I will give in and learn, in the meantime the Mr will have to learn to keep magazines in the car so he has something to read whenever I make him pull over so I can have a "quick look".

The basis of today's refashion was a pillow case, it has a pretty piece of embroidery that I wanted to feature on the front

No during photos, Sorry, this was before I ever thought I would have my own blog.
I made a cute wee dress from a pattern I had but because I didn't have enough material I added some contrasting fabric from a pair of trousers from my stash.
Purple Pants

I love how it turned out, but it wasn't until I had finished that I realised that the embroidery is upside down. You can see in the close up what I mean.  I have since found the matching pillowcase and will make a feature of the emboidery again, but in a different design I think.


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