Friday, 18 May 2012

Made by Me May- Day 16

Thought some of you might be curious to see how the bedroom makeover is coming.  We moved into this place in Dec 2010, we were looking for a temporary place and weren't too concerned about the looks of the place, as long as it had plenty of room.  It's definitely an interesting place, the outside desperately needs a paint and the garden was a bit overgrown before we weeded. The Feb 22 earthquake changed our plans a little and as places to rent are hard to find in Christchurch we plan to stay put.  Now the inside was a bit of a shock the first time we walked through, hadn't been cleaned in who knows how long, paint was peeling off the walls and there was even some lovely graffiti in the bedrooms. But I saw it's potential and we forged ahead dispite others concern.  We have done a bit of painting throughout but the room that is our bedroom was left until now, I couldn't stand the colour anymore

This is a pic of the ceiling, that's right the ceiling!!!  I have now painted over the walls but they were this dark blue colour also.

Now this shows you a bit better, the large blue diamond that hung above our heads every night. As you can imagine it was like a cave in there

 Now, here is the window I finished painting today, a crisp clean white instead of the dirty cream it was before.

And a better look at the new colour, a gorgeous soft green. The diamond is still there for now, but not for much longer. 

Now why paint a rental house you may be thinking,  Well I have plenty of free time at the moment and I find it great practise in decorating and design besides so far this makeover has only cost me $26 and I'm figuring the total will be about $40. We get the bnefit of a beautiful cosy room without the rental price to go with it. And we can use the before and after photos when we decide to start looking for a new place, whenever that may be.

And a quick refashion

A new pair of socks made from the sleeves of an old unwanted Jersey, aren't the buttons just so cute.


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