Sunday, 20 May 2012

Made by Me May - Day 18

We turned the heatpump on for the first time today, Man it's getting cold!  For me to say that you know it's true.  The Mr and I are so different when it comes to temperature tolerance, he can be sitting with 2 jerseys and a jacket on complaining about the cold and I'm sitting next to him in a t-shirt feeling comfortable.  So, when to turn on the heatpump is always an issue.  We were lucky enough to have a heatpump installed by EQC (Earthquake Commission) for free just before last winter and I have to say I don't know how we would have managed without.
It's been long enough that I can show you more pictures of our fur babies right, don't want you to get sick of the sight of them. I took a photo of each of them today and have to say they encompass who they are quite nicely.

Here's Jack.  Sleeping in Mr's suitcase, which I refuse to unpack and has been sitting in our lounge until it's empty.  Jack loves to climb into things to sleep, we have found him in some weird places.

Mr Wobbly, looking regal and giving me his usual, "What do you want?" expression.

And lastly Kitty, who as soon as she saw the camera wanted to know what it was and wouldn't sit still. I usually have to sneak up on her for a decent photo.

About a year ago I found an old mirror frame for free, I had a vision and grabbed it.  I filled the space where the mirror used to be with some old wallpaper I had grabbed from my Granparents house, it had been left over from decorating their bedroom and stored in the top of their wardrobe for I don't know how long (that wallpaper was up when I was born).  The frame still had the metal tabs on the sides that held the mirror and I used them to criss cross some string over the front.  I used pegs to hang some black and white photos plus other bits and pieces to decorate.

This is one of my most favourite free items ever.


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