Wednesday, 11 July 2012

School Holidays are over


For me anyway.  No more kids for me this week.  They are a handful and quite frankly exhaust me, but when they leave I miss them. They just seem to fill the house with life, laughter and of course fighting.  I remember fighting with my brother when I was a kid, sometimes with real intent to wound but it's different looking at it from the otherside.  I tend to let them work things out themselves most of the time, but yesterday I had to turn the xbox off midgame and separate them before it came to serious blows.  Keeping them busy and being organised seems to be the key, so with this in mind I prepared a project for yesterday, they of course got bored with the time it was taking but more than happy to share credit when their Dad showed up.

I would have posted these last night but my camera batteries needed recharging.

I started with a dozen toilet rolls.

 Which we started painting red.

 Left to dry under the heatpump, they didn't take long before the second coat.

 Cut into two cm slices, I painted the insides (notice I said I not we).

I tried a few different patterns and we (back to we again) decided on the following. And proceeded to glue them together with a mix of glue and red paint, so that any paint showing blended in.

For what I want it needs to be bigger, but this is a great start and gives a good idea of what the finished look will be.  The boys thought it was awesome considering it started out as toilet rolls and yes they looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them to paint them.  Now I just need to start saving up more toilet rolls. With just two of us in the house, this could take a while so don't hold your breath waiting for pictures of the finished product on our bedroom wall.


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