Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair


 Do you remember the dress I made for Little Miss H(4) for her birthday?  Well you can check it out here.  In that post I mentioned the rapunzel hair, well I finally found some yellow wool.

I checked out the post I had saved for this on the Weekend Homemaker. Found here. And decided to do it a bit differently. It's not as long, and doesn't use pantihose but I found it super easy to make.

After first cellotaping one long end, I wrapped it round the length of the coffee table again and again and again until I had only a short amount left. 

I used the length I had cellotaped to the table to wrap the wool and tie off the top section. Then slipped it off the table.

Now by hanging it from the tied off section I could measure the approximate head area, I tied another piece around what is the neck part of the wig.  Then plaited the rest, remembering to trim off the ends for a tidy finish.

 The finished length came to her knees and she loved it so much she wore it to bed that night.  One sucessful project, now to make another one for the dress up box.


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